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Join us for a free mini-course and webinar to learn our 10 tips for revitalising your playtime with your little one

(*without a ton of toys!). 

Over the course of a week, you'll receive 10 tips from us. At the end of the week you will receive a link to our free webinar, recorded with us (Alison & Chiara!) where we explain each 10 tips, with live demonstrations too!

Suitable for parents with children aged 6months - 2 years (if you have a younger babe - sign up for our free 'Born to Play' course).



A week of emails including new tips each day for revitalising your playtime. Learn how to support your baby's communication and motor development during play!


Watch our 1 hour webinar presented by Alison & Chiara. We'll talk about all 10 tips and show you HOW to incorporate these tips into your playtime.


Come away feeling calm, confident and INSPIRED to play. You'll have all the tools for supporting your baby's development in play, and will reaslie you don't need to DO MORE to have fun and connect with your baby through play!

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