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Tummy Time offers so many benefits for your baby

But sometimes, Tummy Time gets a bad rap


We get it. It can be hard to fit in with everything you've got to do. 

And (even worse) some babies just won't seem to tolerate it. 

We want to help you feel confident supporting your little one on their tummy, 
so they not only enjoy but thrive in this position.


Walky Talky Baby to the rescue!

(with some well-deserved good news for you, Mama, once again 🀍)

You can makeover Tummy Time so everyone enjoys it
(and baby gets those lovely benefits)



We've written a guide especially for you:

No Tears Tummy Time


It's a 48 page digital pdf, chock full of strategies for supporting each stage of gross motor development on their tummy from newborn through to crawling (and tips for supporting communication development in tummy time too!).
Plus tonnes of gorgeous strategy demo photos
(so you can see exactly what we mean!)


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"M is loving her Tummy Time now! She's able to spend long periods on her tummy without any props under her chest and arms πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

In the last week, she's gone from parachuting to pushing up on her arms and pivoting around to get to the toys she is interested in. It’s such a joy to watch her explore the world around her.

πŸ’•Thanks so much for your help in encouraging her development. It’s been amazing!"

Clare, Walky Talky Baby Member

"Rolled over and happily stayed on his tummy for a few minutes all by himself. Incredible progress just over the weekend.

"Truly appreciate all your suggestions and support. Such a generous and valuable gift you offer through this page! Thank you!"

Kristi, Yoga teacher and Mama of 1

What you get in No Tears Tummy Time, the guide

(Apart from an amazing Tummy Time without the tears πŸ˜‰)

  • 48 pages filled with gorgeous strategy demo photos πŸ“·
  • View on-screen (it's a pdf) or print it out — the choice is yours
  • Tummy Time Basics: Why we love it (and you should too), general tips, strategies and pointers that'll really make a difference; dealing with "The Protesting Baby"; how to make it Baby-Led; what you're aiming for in Tummy Time; and when to see a Physio
  • Tummy Time Position: We cover the principles and positions of elbows under shoulders; firm pressure; roll on and off; and head in the middle.
  • Tummy Time is more than just baby on the floor on their tum! In Getting Started - Tummy Time On You we cover 6 positions that include you
  • Tummy Time With Support: There's a range of supports and props you can safely use to help make Tummy Time easier for your baby. We cover 6 examples including at the beach, using pillows and wringing some more use out of your pregnancy wedge!
  • Tummy Time Face-to-Face: This mode is extra reassuring for babies because they can see you — which helps them feel extra comfortable. We cover sibling play (yes, get your toddler involved!), the change table, and a Pilates ball, to name a few.
  • Timing Tummy Time: When it comes to time and timing, when and how long, play a crucial roll in your Tummy Time success, especially in the beginning. We've got the well-timed scoop for you.
  • Tummy Time Every Day: Like most habits you want to cultivate, the secret sauce is often in incorporating the practise into daily family routines. We have some foolproof strategies to help you do just that.
  • Tummy Time Play: We think play is the most important thing and we want to help you ensure the right positions and choose the right toys to make the best of Tummy Time while playing.
  • Tummy Time On the Move: The most important thing about Tummy Time play is that it leads to development of movement skills like rolling, pivoting, etc. This chapter brings you through the stages so you can support baby towards movement. Then look out!
  • Tummy Time Troubleshooting: Finally, we've included a spot where you quickly come to look up the challenges that most frequently crop up with Tummy Time, and get the cross-reference to help you solve it.

Ready to make Tummy Time awesome?

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