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Feel confident supporting your baby’s movement, language and play

If you thought it was supposed to be simple but it seems like such a big job, we’ve got some good news for you.

We know you’ve got this, Mama. Seriously.


Just like everything else in your work and play, it’s really about getting the right information. A clear, course of action from a trusted source.

You don’t have to do more.

You can feel confident, possibly even that it's okay, when things aren’t always following “The Rules”.

You can also get some company and advice on the journey.

(Your partner will also feel happier now that you’re not so stressed out and chewing their ear off about it!)*

*Trust us, we know all about this!

"Living remotely in the Eastern Pilbara, with limited access to therapists, I’ve found Walky Talky to be an accessible and friendly online resource. I’ve enjoyed learning about ideas for playing with my little ones and felt reassured that I’m doing the right kinds of things. It’s hard to keep up with so much online information about what you should do or not do for your kids but I think Walky Talky is a voice I can trust."

Mining analyst and Mama of 3

Are you ready to PIMP your play?

Here are some FREEBIES to get you started!

Our mission is to help you notice and celebrate ALL your baby's tiny milestones so you get the most out of your playtime together.

We've made these freebies for YOU Mama to start you on your journey to feeling confident and supported!

Because Mama... you deserve it!

How would you like to just PLAY THE WEEK AWAY?

Sounds like a dream situation, right?!

Nu-uh, we’re here to show you how playing with baby is supporting baby’s development.

If you’re bored with play at home or worried that your baby is getting bored too…

(trust us, they’re not; it’s actually we, as parents, who get bored first!

With our FREE 7-day Play the Week Away mini-courses Revitalise your Playtime (for 6 months to 2 years) and Born to Play (best for bubs under 6 months), you get a whole week of simple ideas to reinvigorate playtime.

We’ll be showing you different position ideas for floortime play and toy ideas.

Using what you’ve already got.

That’s right, no need to buy anything new (phew).

Start anytime. Click the links below!

Play Checklist!

Especially for pregnant mothers.

Get your home ready to support your baby's development from DAY 1!

Most checklists have items for supporting feeding and sleep... but what about PLAY?! 

Our FREE downloadable checklist is designed to give you all the practical essentials you need to set up a perfect play environment for your baby to support their development.

All simple….nothing flashy….and nothing over the top. Just the way we like it.

Our checklist is divided into what to set up for each room of the house so that play time can happen in short bursts wherever you are... Simple!

Download ✨FREE✨ now!

Born to Play!

Especially for parents of NEW babies.

Congratulations!🥳 Gentle clear information from two health professionals.

Feeling overwhelmed? Or totally on top of it and wanting to take your playtime to the next level? (Or maybe like us you've switched back and forth 15 x this morning 😂)

Either way you will love this FREE e-book and 7 days of play tips covering everything from creating the perfect play space to fostering independent play skills.

With simple advice from qualified experienced health professionals you can feel confident supporting your baby's language and movement from DAY 1!  

Register for the ✨FREE✨ course!

Revitalise Playtime!

Especially for parents of older babies.

Here are our SIMPLE ideas to breathe some life into tired routines!

How to change things up WITHOUT buying any new stuff.

We want to give you the confidence that your playtime is supporting your baby's speech and motor development.

Join us for a FREE webinar and Revitalise Your Play mini-course to learn about supporting your baby's communication and motor development through play. 

Yep these are our TOP 10 TIPS compiled by a Paediatric Speech Pathologist and Physiotherapist just for you!

Join us ✨FREE✨ now!

Prioritise Play!

Especially for parents at HOME with babies & kids.

Oh we know it, the years are short but the days can be oh so LOOOOOONG!

Whether you're in lockdown or just lost in a swirl of feed, sleep repeat and want some gentle gentle structure in your day to create space for both your baby and YOU!

Download our FREE 14 page guide on how to use visual timetables to create gentle structure and support your baby's development, includes printables!

Find out how you and baby can get things done without doing more! Plus tips from our speech pathologist on how to use this tool to support language development

Download ✨FREE✨ now!

Need help choosing presents that actually SUPPORT DEVELOPMENT?

Like you, we are parents who want to buy mindfully for our babies, avoid clutter, and purchase gifts that will grow with our babies.

We want toys that create opportunities for learning through play, and support language and motor development NOT JUST MAKE MESS!

Download our FREE gift guide for plenty of ideas that support development and spotlight some of our favourite local businesses that supply them. 

Download ✨FREE✨ Gift Guide

"I would definitely recommend Walky Talky Baby to any new parent. Alison has been an amazing source of knowledge, providing me with lots of ideas for positions for play, and ways to facilitate transitions between positions to allow my baby to achieve her gross motor milestones. Being a busy mother herself, she was able to share achievable ideas that I could integrate easily into daily play."

Physiotherapist and Mama of 2

About Walky Talky Baby

The first two years of life are amazing 
It’s such a formative time in a child’s development

Yet it can also be really difficult. Babies develop rapidly and you’ve got to keep up with changes (sleep, feeding, solids…) and of course supporting their movement, language and play.

As specialists in early intervention, we’ve seen firsthand how certain upfront strategies make a big impact. A little information at the right time can make a great difference to babies and their families. 

We’re parents now ourselves so we totally get how much there is to do in a day. Somehow squeezing “work on development” into the To Do list is overwhelming (and let’s face it, probably doesn’t get “done").

Babies develop through play so we’ve combined our specialist knowledge incorporating achievable “walking and talking” ideas into simple everyday play and activities, with what we know about being busy (new) parents.

We cover everything from ideas for toys, play, activities and carrying positions, to help you feel confident about your child’s language and gross motor development, so your little one can be walking and chatting as soon as the time is right for them.

Whether you’re finding this journey a bit stressful and need extra support, or you’re not concerned about delay but would still love to know more about baby’s development and how to support their next milestone, Walky Talky Baby aims to share information and create a community that encourages you. We want to help make this beautiful journey to walking and talking, one that you and your family look back on and smile.

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They slowly learn to move on their own but the way you position and hold your tiny baby determines their first experience of the world — and their own body.

Want advice to feel more confident supporting their motor development in the first two years? We have so many tips to share with you.

From tummy time to sitting, pointing, first steps (and beyond), let a Physiotherapist walk you through each stage!


You’ve heard about a child's first words but there’s so much more to communication before those first words appear.

Learn about the little communication milestones from 0-2 years from a Paediatric Speech Pathologist and feel confident in knowing how to communicate with your baby — from Day 1! 


Walky Talky Baby is a friendly and encouraging online community led by a Paediatric Speech Pathologist and Physiotherapist to support parents with communication, movement and play. 

We help you notice, and truly enjoy, every tiny milestone.

You can feel confident in supporting your baby’s language, play, and movement skills without burning out.

"Thank you, Ali and Chiara, for all of the tips you share!!! I’ve been giving my 7 month old a choice of things, such as when I hand him a toy, and it’s amazing to see him look at each one, and then smile and take one in particular. His choice is so clear!"

Teacher and Mama of 2

Alison Mason

“Early Motor skills are so important because they open up the world for your baby. As they learn everything from rolling and reaching to crawling and walking the world slowly unfolds for them... there is more to touch, see, explore and talk about.

“I believe as parents that it’s our job to give babies the support and the space they need to develop these early movement skills through play... then sit back and be amazed by the places they take your baby!"

Alison is an Australian Registered Physiotherapist with a Bsc (Science) Physiotherapy and Graduate Diploma in Paediatric Neurological Rehabilitation, who’s worked with babies and children in Perth and London for 15 years.

Alison specialises in creating movement opportunities through play in the context of busy family life. She works with children of all ages but her favourite thing about working with babies is seeing them develop a skill and revel in newfound independence.

She’s also mum to two gorgeous girls.

Chiara Prigmore

“I've worked with children of all ages but absolutely love working with little ones, supporting them with their first words and sentences.

“In my five years at a London health centre, working with families from many different cultures and walks of life, I learnt that all parents actually want the same for their child:  to grow to the best of their ability.

“I love raising parents’ confidence in supporting their child to do this, and realising that it doesn't actually have to be hard work to get your baby talking!”

Chiara is a Paediatric Speech Pathologist registered with Speech Pathology Australia, with 15 years experience in Perth and London.

Her professional passion is in early intervention and she loves supporting parents to help their child achieve communication milestones. 

Her latest venture as mother of two has made her even more driven to support parents through these early years.

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