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Welcome clinicians, educators and professionals seeking to support our planet's newest members 🌏 and their families!

Health professionals, nannies, daycare workers, early childhood teachers and anyone else who is passionate about early development you are in the right place!

We are so excited to have a community of like-minded passionate professionals around us. It keeps us on our toes, makes us think of new ideas and helps us to best support the families we work with. We know that if you are here you are passionate about quality, evidence-based support for babies and their parents so we want to build on this!

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 “So our job as parents is not to make a particular kind of child. Instead, our job is to provide a protected space of love, safety, and stability in which children of many unpredictable kinds can flourish. Our job is not to shape our children’s minds; it’s to let those minds explore all the possibilities that the world allows. Our job is not to tell children how to play; it’s to give them the toys and pick the toys up again after the kids are done. We can’t make children learn, but we can let them learn.”

Alison Gopnik, The Gardener and the Carpenter

Our favourite part of Walky Talky...?

Getting to work together!

We learn so much from each other that makes us better clinician, entrepreneurs, AND mums...

We would love you to join us on this journey too!

Is Walky Talky Baby right for my client? 

We want to make sure everyone in our membership is getting the most from it so here is a little more about what we do so you can decide if we are right for a baby or family you know!

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New information that has caught our attention and we think you will find interesting as well! Isn't it amazing that when families have been raising babies since the dawn of time there are new developments in parenting and developmental research ALL the time!


Let's talk books, journals and other resources about baby development and parenting. We are both book worms so join us if you are too! Each blog we will share a new read that has caught our eyes but we would love to hear what has caught your attention too!


"Because when you lift up women you lift up humanity" Melinda Gates is on the money! Here we showcase other businesses supporting mothers and babies. We invite you to share a little more about you and your business with us and we will share with others in the community. 

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